Latest Projects

We are currently working on several rural projects for a new selection of clients, some individuals seeking planning and specification for new build homes and local farmers seeking permission for residential uses, with various stages and complications.

2 new proposals for existing clients - each of these units is commercial in its final application, and it is very nice to be called back after the original success over 12 years ago for both original projects.

Some rather challenging Grade 2 Listed Building design and specification work for 3 projects in the centre of Newcastle.

Feasibility study for a large residential project, to determine viability, costs, construction design options, GDV appraisal and final advisory to the potential success of the project and scope. All within a site on a sloped gradient.

Several residential refurbishments and conversions within the locality.

We have been recently commissioned to do some work in Wynyard Teesside for one of our clients and part of the scope includes a subterranean swimming pool, additional bedrooms in the roof space and a cinema suite.

Trinity Community Association

New Designs for the Future

The enclosed image is just one of the final submitted concepts which formed part of our highly successful, detailed and comprehensive feasibility study for the new facility at Trinity Community Association, Gateshead - all part of the overview of the entire facility.

This work involved various consultants from the area in the successful outcome for the Trinity and all the local stakeholders, gaining support from all in the delivery of this package. MRM are extremely pleased to have been involved in putting together this dedicated work for Trinity Community Association. The work commenced in 2011 was completed in December 2012.

The resultant design work in the feasibility study identified heritage aspects and support from the senior heritage officer, and allowed us to finalise the construction programme for the future.

Within our feasibility work we are keen to look at the actual business model of such an organisation and with all the collected information we can then constructively advise the client on the best way forward and also the best sustainable methods in terms of energy and business application so they can achieve their targets for the future.

Monkseaton Medical Centre

New Multi-Million Medical Centre Opens in North Tyneside.

A new £2.8 million medical centre has opened in Monkseaton to cope with patient numbers doubling and an ageing population.

When Monkseaton Medical Centre first opened in 1985, it was designed to handle between six and seven thousand patients.

But 10 years ago the case was made for an expanded facility to cope with increasing demand which has resulted in the opening of the new Monkseaton Medical Centre on Cauldwell Avenue, which has the capacity to handle up to 14,000 patients.

Some new projects on the go within MRM.

St Marys Church interior

MRM recommended to head up a master plan development for the Chapel of light, St Columba Church in Southwick, Sunderland. The brief to bring back into operation the church for worship, and to bring into the scheme a realistic array of community and self sufficient business enterprise within the church and the Parish buildings.

The initial project is aimed at the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) for essential work to the church, and to improve the toilets and create a cafe with kitchen for reaching the wider community. (images and design work to follow as the project develops).

Photo shows the existing interior of the Chapel of Light Church.

Development plans are currently under review.

MRM are helping a private developer to provide 3 stone built houses in a rural village in Northumberland. As part of the brief we are looking at the development of these buildings with both conservation in mind and sustainability for optimum performance.

We were approached by the Kingston Property Group to assist with detailed elevation drawings for 9 blocks of flats that were being submitted for planning approval as part of the long term refurbishment plan.

Howerd HouseMRM have provided a feasibility study for 4 new residential developments in Northumberland for a private client - Early designs show 4 Georgian styled units into this unique site. Typical scheme involves design, planning advice and planning recommendations, elevations, cost implications and general advice.

Residential Refurbishment

MRM are currently developing a major refurbishment to a residential house with a more balanced use of materials, symmetry of design, and reflecting the values of property in the immediate area of this suburb of Newcastle.

We have several residential developments on the books, both new build and refurbishment.

Development project in Teesside for a Junior Football Association to gain a Football club house and 3G pitch.

Ongoing design and architectural advice for St Andrews Church, Newcastle for several projects in the heart of Newcastle within the Grainger conservation boundaries of the City, involving retail, commercial and residential.

Tynemouth RNLI proposed designs

MRM Designs new extension for the RNLI building at the mouth of the River Tyne.

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